Monday, October 20, 2014

Back in Stock: Mini Chief Joseph Lilac

Another favorite fabric finally returns to the Woolen Mill Store: Mini Chief Joseph in lilac. Call the store at (503) 535-5786 to get your hands on some of this gorgeous blanket weight jacquard fabric!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Truck Report 10/17/2014

Good morning, Woolfans!

We hope you've had a wonderful week. Friday is a favorite day around here because that's the day the bins get refilled with new scraps from our two Pacific Northwest woolen mills (one in Pendleton, Oregon and one in Washougal, Washington).

This week, the Pendleton truck delivered: 300 pounds fuzzy selvages, 200 pounds of wooly worms, and 150 pounds of header

Right now, our fuzzy selvage is on sale for 50% off the regular price -- just $1.50 per pound.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Two Weeks Until LUKE

Luke and Luke
Courtesy of

In just two weeks, Luke Haynes will be visiting the Woolen Mill Store to reveal his awesome new wool quilt! Join us on Thursday, October 30 from 1-7pm and be among the very first to see his museum-quality art quilt starring Pendleton fabric.

Here's a sneak peek:

Squares of Pendleton jacquard fabric
Courtesy of

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FAQ: What Are Greige Goods?

Wool goes through a lot of transformation in the journey from sheep to fabric. One of the stages in that transformation is known as greige goods.

First things first: the word is pronounced like the color grey.

Greige goods are unfinished fabrics, fresh off the loom. You could also call it "raw fabric", because it has not gone through the finishing process. In many cases, greige goods have not been dyed.

The Woolen Mill Store now carries a variety of greige 100% wool fabrics that are ready for your creations. Wash them, felt them, dye them... the sky's the limit.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hand-Stitched Home Giveaway Winner!

Monica was here for our Hand Stitched Home book signing on Saturday with Susan Beal... and she's the lucky winner of our giveaway!

Most adorable winner ever.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jacquard Coat Class This Sunday

Sewers of all skill levels can make this beautifully simple coat using our blanket-weight jacquard fabric, wool felt binding, and our popular Awesome Jacket pattern.

Pendleton Jacquard Coat Class
Sunday, October 19 or Sunday, November 16
Please pre-register by calling the store at (503) 535-5786

Thursday, October 9, 2014

TBT: 2011 Interview with Susan Beal

We're hopping on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon to repost an interview we did in 2011 with Susan Beal -- just in time for her visit to the Woolen Mill Store on Saturday!

Susan Beal (on right) and sales associate Cally

Six Questions with Susan Beal
Originally posted August 18, 2011

Woolen Mill Store: What is your workspace like?

Susan Beal: I sew and work on most of my crafts in a brand-new workroom in my basement (just painted it aqua last week, and moved the last box a couple days ago!). I have my sewing machine, ironing board, a work table, and most of my fabric, in there, and my jewelry and printmaking supplies stored close by. I have a shelf of Pendleton wool with the larger pieces folded, and then my scraps are in the wooden box, ready for piecing or scrap projects. When I baste a quilt I roll up the living room rug and do it there. (I learned the hard way not to baste it *on* the rug - I don't recommend that as a time-saver, to say the least, once you've unpicked all the basting from the carpet!) I dream about having a bigger workspace with a big cutting table and more light... one day hopefully, but I love my new space. I usually write at the kitchen table or in the rec room downstairs.

Susan's Pendleton shelf, back in 2011

WMS: Name one tool and/or one craft supply you couldn't live without.

SB: I love my sewing machine so much, it's the first one I ever bought new and the nicest one I've ever had. It's a Pfaff with a built-in walking foot for quilting, and it is just a great machine - not too fancy but perfect for me! It has a few pretty decorative stitches, which are kind of fun for something like a pocket edge or a collar.

WMS: Tell us someone whose work you admire.

SB: There are so many artists and crafters I really admire - it's hard to choose just one, so I hope you don't mind a little list! I'd have to say Denyse Schmidt (who designs fabric and quilts), Marie Watt (a fiber artist who lives in Oregon), Rebecca Pearcy (who owns Queen Bee Creations here in Portland), and Ryan Berkley (an illustrator and artist who lives here, too).

WMS: What is your favorite homemade gift to give or get?

SB: I love to give homemade jam or hand-sewn pillows the most. I make big batches of freezer jam every summer with flats of raspberries and marionberries. When I make pillows, I love to piece bright quilting cottons or soft wool for covers. I used to make jewelry for gifts more often, but every woman I'm related to pretty much has one of everything at this point! My favorite thing to get has to be something pretty a friend knitted or crocheted, since I don't do as much of that myself and really admire the craftsmanship there.

WMS: What inspires you?

SB: Traveling all around Oregon, hanging out with my two children Pearl and Everett on a sunny afternoon, looking at antique quilts, visiting museums, going fabric shopping, having a half-hour just for coffee and making lots of lists, and collecting vintage Pendleton coats and blankets.

Pendleton Mt. Hood blanket

WMS: What is one question you wish people would ask you in interviews, and what's your answer?

SB: Maybe what's my favorite place in the world? I would have to say Mt. Hood.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back in Stock: White/Black Condensed Jacquard Fabric

You've been waiting, and your patience has paid off! Condensed blanket weight jacquard in white/black has returned to the Woolen Mill Store!

Condensed White/Black