Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Houndstooth Weekend

I blame it all on the fall issue of Vogue. My daughter bought it in the airport and arrived home with it in hand. So I just had to sit down and spend way too much time looking at page after page of lovely, imaginative images and LOTS of gorgeous wool garments.

So it was inevitable that when left alone for a weekend with pretty fabric and a ton of glue I would end up with Houndstooth Shoes.

Now, I have been known to spray glue nearly anything that will stand still. I’ve made books, displays and home repair projects with my trusty can of 3M Super77, a tube of E6000 and a hot glue gun. Truly a gal’s best friends.

So, inspired and fully equipped I bought a nice pair of mules at the mall shoe store and set about playing around.

Here is the process with this disclaimer. This is not for everyone. Attempt only if you are willing to try anything and have a playful spirit (and cheap shoes you can toss if they look terrible when you are done.)

So here's the story. First, find shoes that have details you can glue under and around. Trim the fabric to the rough size for each shoe.

Cover the areas you don’t want glued with plastic or tape. Take the shoe out to a well-ventilated area and spray the heck outta it.

Remove the plastic and place the fabric on the shoe, smoothing and stretching to fit. Run a roller over the surface to attach the fabric.

Now work around the edges to secure the fabric with hot glue or E6000. Make sure that all the edges are fastened down. Trim off any excess fabric.

I rolled the fabric over the front edge of the shoe, glued and pinned in place until it was dry.
Last step (so far) was to spray the shoes with waterproofing. I might go back and add a thin leather strip around the edge of the fabric to finish the bottom edge.
So, I love my new shoes, can't wait to wear them...
Next post: A No-Sew bag to match!!
Ta ta, Kathy

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