Friday, February 22, 2008

Store Expansion

Forgive the lack of news on the blog these last few month. We've been SOOOOO busy getting ready for our move upstairs into the bright and beautiful new space.
Now, don’t get me wrong – we all had a love for our “Little Red Store” and the “cozy” basement annex. But who could turn down the offer to consolidate both stores into one giant ÜBER STORE? Not your friendly neighborhood Woolen Mill Store staff. So we are excited to welcome everyone to the new location – across the parking lot and up the stairs into what use to be the Weave Room at the Pendleton Foundations Mills.
We are still getting things arranged. The newly painted floor design will be ready for walking on by Tuesday, but the rest of the 12,000 (!) square foot are ready for your visit.

More info to come on expanded hours, space for you to work on projects, gallery hours for the tapestries, our vintage animatronic mill, classes and whatever else we dream up for our lovely new space.

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