Friday, April 17, 2009

Feeling Sheepish?

Since our visit to the Sewing Expo in Puyallup we have had lots of requests for Stacy’s needle felted sheep design. So, here it is:

White, light grey, and dark grey or black carded wool, about 6” of each color. This is a very small amount, less than .25 oz, so you can make lots of sheep with just a little bit of wool.
Background fabric: this can be a solid color piece of wool, or a garment or bag, whatever you want to apply this to as long as you can needle it without damaging it. A nice wool flannel is great.
Needle Felting tool: our favorite is the Clover Multi Tool since you can work with up to five needle at a time and it is safe to use with kids (with adult supervision, of course!)
Needle Felting foam surface

1. Pull out about 6” length of white and light grey wool.
2. Stack the grey wool on the white and roll them together.
3. Cut off little “cinnamon rolls” of fleece.
4. Place background fabric on felting block and arrange the circle of wool in a round shape
5. Tack these in place lightly with the multi-tool.
6. Roll a small amount of black or dark grey wool into a long coil, thinner than a pencil.
7. Using a single needle, tack this in place as shown. This will become the ear. Trust me.
8. Make another dark coil and tack in place below the ears, in a “U” shape. This will be the face. Okay, now you trust me.
9. Do the same for two (or four) legs.
10. Add another circle of wool to overlap the legs, to create depth.
11. Cool sheep. Nice job.
12. Baa.

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