Friday, August 7, 2009

A different sort of Guinness with lunch

Ya gotta love Portland. Where else can you hop on the light rail during your lunch hour and join 1400 or so of your closest friends (well, sort of) to work on breaking the Guinness World Record for “The Most Number of People Knitting Simultaneously?” This event was part of the 2009 Sock Summit which is happening this weekend at the Portland convention center.

I heard about this only recently so had to just grab needles and yarn and knit – no real project, just a few stitches and some rows to be part of history (well, sort of). What’s on my needles? Pendleton wool of course! Two strands of Pendleton ColorPlay which comes right from our very own mill here in Oregon. Knits up nicely on #7s and felts beautifully in warm water.

So, if you are in the Portland area you should stop by and experience the biggest sock related vendor gathering in the galaxy (well, sort of). Anyway, there is sure to be TONS of wonderful wool since, as we all know, wool is the BEST for knitting socks.

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