Friday, September 18, 2009

The Future of Sewing

Every year at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo we meet lots of wonderful people. For the last few years some of my most memorable have been the moms and daughters who come to look at fabric and plan projects. It’s so nice to see the interaction and shared excitement, not to mention the skills that are passed to the next generation.
Sometimes customers come by with the finished garment from their purchase the previous year. That is always cool.
So it was really great to get an email from a customer who was in the booth last spring with her lovely girls who were planning some REALLY ambitious projects. The planned, brainstormed, did the math on the yardage and left with some lovely green wool. You can see from the photo that the finished garments (and the sheep) are real winners at the Palouse Empire Fair.
Congrats! And thanks for sharing, we love seeing those finished projects. It inspires us to get something new sewn.
And the future of sewing is looking very good!
Some notes on the outfit:
The pattern that was used was Simplicity 2843. She adjusted the pattern so that the flounce in front and the bow in the back both button on and off. This way she can where the dress a number of ways. The jacket also was adjusted to fit her frame and has an elastic band set in the back for fit. The dress and jacket are both fully lined.

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