Saturday, November 28, 2009

Slow Fashions

There was a great article in yesterday's Oregonian about the issue of quality in today's culture. This is something that crafters understand. If you are going to take 20 or 50+ hours to knit, sew, weave, crochet, or felt something by hand, it really pays to use good materials. Materials which will last and look good for decades.

We at Pendleton hear lots of stories from people about the blankets, coats, and shirts owned by past members of the family. That's because the garments are meant to last more than a season. More than two seasons, heck more than a generation. As they pass from one person to another they gather those experiences with them.

So this holiday season, as you are sewing and weaving and knitting for yourself, your family and your friends, embrace the role you are playing in bringing quality back to a place of honor.

Carrie Sturrock's Article "Slow Fashion" Means Quality, Longevity, Thrift" in the column PDX Green

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Blanket America said...

This is absolutely true good advice.Once I remember mother sewing embroidery through a gown...very delicate and intricate and after the work was all done she realized the material of the gown had been faulty....which tore to bits.