Friday, December 4, 2009

Oregon Duck Blanket Available Soon

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks here in the Blanket & Home Division.
Being an Oregon company, staffed by many Oregonians, we have an annual tradition of following the two big rival Universities – Oregon State (Beavers) and University of Oregon (Ducks) as they battle on the football field.

The yearly match-up (dubbed “The Civil War”) is a BIG event. And this year was one of the biggest. The winner of this year’s game also won a trip to the Rose Bowl, to compete against Ohio State.

The week before the game offices here are decked out in black & orange or green & yellow.

A special blanket
Ever since U of Oregon defeated Arizona in double overtime the Pendleton team has been working on creating a custom jacquard blanket for the Rose Bowl appearance of the Oregon School that wins the Civil War.

The normal development and manufacturing process, which takes 4 - 5 months for a custom blanket, was compressed into a 3-week period so we could deliver blankets to our retail partners before December 18 for their last-minute Christmas gift shoppers

Since we did not know which blanket to manufacture until the game was over, we prepared two separate designs and ran both through the licensing process with four different licensing groups; PAC-10, The Rose Bowl, and the two schools.

In order to meet our delivery objective we had to start weaving blankets as soon as the winner was determined. The mill dyed additional wool in the four colors needed to make the blankets and pre-staged it at Pendleton for weaving. The designs were approved and loaded into the loom computers. Last night, after the game, our weave room supervisor Terry Widel went out to the mill and started the looms with the winning team's design for the third shift to weave.

After a VERY tight game, the Duck prevailed and the looms wove yellow and green.

Limited edition of 500, individually numbered with commemorative label. Officially licensed by UO, Pac-10™ and the Rose Bowl®. Pure virgin wool/cotton, woven in our Northwest Mills. 64" x 64".

Reserve yours today!

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