Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Felt and Serendipity

A few months ago, a link to a fantasticly swirly felt mat showed up on our Facebook page. (The project was done by the amazing ladies at Martha Stewart's Crafts Department.) Ever since then, we've been wanting to try a felt mat of our own -- we have wool felt binding in a rainbow of colors here at the store. Plus, we've got wooly worms galore (long strips of blanket-weight wool), and those could work, too. They're already the right size and shape!

Exploring Martha Stewart's site further, we came across an adorable trivet shaped like a tree stump -- another wonderful, fun use for strips of felt! Our fingers were itching to make a few felt projects.

And that's where the serendipity comes in. We get a weekly delivery of scraps from our mill in Washougal, Washington. With the latest shipment came a big box of felt binding scraps left over from making blankets and pillows and other Pendleton items.

Grab the scissors and a bottle of glue... it's time to play! We'll post pictures soon!

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