Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun with Felt!

Remember that big box of felt binding pieces we were so excited about?

First, we assembled our supplies: scissors, a few pins, and glue. Pendleton wool felt binding is 1" wide, but we cut the strips to 1/2 inch wide so we'd get more mileage out of them.

We started off with some big coils. The one on the left is just wool felt binding; the one on the right is felt binding and some of our wooly worms coiled together. Aren't they cute? We think they'd make great coasters, or a hot pad/trivet. Of course, they're also just fun to play with. Maybe you could use coils of different sizes as building blocks, and create a soft, fuzzy city.

And if you're feeling ambitious, you can start with a small coil and keep building until you have a Monster Mat! Right now, this is the right size to serve as trivet for a big pot or serving bowl... or maybe be a mat for one foot at a time. Hang it up, and it's art! (We plan to keep building onto it, and see what we end up with. It could get quite massive!)

Then we strung tiny coils on embroidery thread, with buttons for spacers. Don't they look like little candies, maybe saltwater taffy? It was tempting to take the individual mini-coils and wrap them in cellophane so they truly look like a bowl of candies.

The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store sells 1" wool felt binding for $1 per yard in a rainbow of colors... in case you want to get creative and make a coiled masterpiece of your own!

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