Friday, August 20, 2010

Truck Report 8/20/2010

Every week that the mills are open, we get a delivery of scraps on Thursday afternoon. On Friday mornings, we put out the treasures that the truck delivered. We don't know what the truck is going to bring us until it gets here.

Look for the Truck Report every Friday morning so you'll be the first to know what the Pendleton truck brought to the Woolen Mill Store!

Here's what the Pendleton truck brought this week:

  • A small amount of pattern room cuttings -- lots of gorgeous patterns and colors!

  • Blanket header pieces ($2 per pound)
  • Wooly worms in a variety of colors ($0.50 per pound)

  • More than 250 pounds of fuzzy selvage ($3 per pound)

And don't forget: every Friday is Black Flannel Friday! Solid black Pendleton wool flannel by the yard is 50% off -- but only on Fridays.

Ready to shop? The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store is open Monday - Saturday, 10am-5:30pm and Sundays 11am-4pm. You can place an order by phone during our business hours (866) 865-9285 or shop in our Ebay store 24 hours a day!

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