Friday, September 24, 2010

Truck Report 9/24/2010

Good morning and happy Friday to all our fellow Woolfans!

Time for the weekly truck report -- letting you know what kind of scraps arrived from the mill this week so you can start planning your weekend craft projects.

This week, the Pendleton truck brought us more than 200 pounds of fuzzy selvage (great for weaving and crochet)! Not sure how to use it? Keep an eye on our Facebook page and the Woolen Mill Store blog for fall and winter classes -- our rug crochet class is one of the most popular classes we offer!

To shop, visit the store at 8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd. in Portland, Oregon or call 866-865-9285.


Katy said...

I LOVE my crocheted rugs that I learned to make from Pendleton!

Woolen Mill Store said...

Thanks, Katy! Got any pictures you want to share? :)

We're all big fans of the fuzzy crocheted rugs around here.