Friday, November 12, 2010

Truck Report 11/12/2010

Good morning... er... afternoon, WoolFans! Many apologies for the weekly Truck Report being late; let's just blame it on ninja sheep nibbling the computer wires, shall we?

It's a great day for creativity! The Pendleton truck brought us a true truckload of goodies this week!

  • Around 500 pounds of fuzzy crochet selvage!
  • Around 400 pounds of blanket header!
Aren't you excited? Get out there and get crafty, and have a great weekend!


Amy said...

I'm curious - are the items from the truck already on the floor when you post the report, or do you post the report before that shipment is unloaded?

I stopped by this afternoon, but didn't see much blanket header. I'm wondering if I came by too early, or if lots of people beat me to it.

Thanks for any insight!

Woolen Mill Store said...

Hi Amy!

Generally, the Truck Report is written while the stuff is being unpacked. However, when we have a super-big order like this, everything may not be on the floor when the report is posted.

Hope that answers your question!