Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Crafty Plans for 2011?

The New Year is nearly upon us... do you have any crafty resolutions for 2011?

Maybe you've got a new project you've been meaning to start... or an old project that you need to finish. Maybe you'd like to take a class to expand your skills, or investigate a new hobby. Maybe you'd like to schedule more crafty time, start up a supply exchange with friends, or finally open up that Etsy shop.

Let's hear it! Maybe if we all make our crafty resolutions public, we'll be more likely to stick with them.


aimee said...

I might still be finishing up my last Christmas present... *blush*

But I definitely want to schedule more crafty time in 2011 -- it's my favorite way to unwind.

monogirl said...

I've been collecting old Pendleton clothes for years to make a quilt. I started it last week and intend to finish this week or next.
I'm also visiting Portland soon to get more supplies!