Monday, December 20, 2010

Wooly Wreath Project

Here's a little gift for you: a quick, easy, and fun project!

You’ll Need:
  • One wire coat hanger
  • Fabric squares around 4” in size (some variation is okay) – we used around 2 pounds of $2/pound header pieces and 2 pounds of $5/pound header pieces. If you want more color control, you can use yardage in your choice of colors!
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Electrical tape or duct tape (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional, for decorating the hook)

Ready to go?

  1. Bend the wire coat hanger into a circle – or whatever shape you want your finished wreath to be!

  2. Cut the circle open 3-4 inches from the hook on one side. Use wire cutters to get a nice, sharp cut – cutting at an angle will make it easier to add the fabric squares.

  3. Fold a fabric square in half to make a triangle. String the triangle onto the hanger by pushing the cut end of the wire through the fabric. It’s easiest to start with the longer side.
  4. Repeat, sliding each triangle up against the ones before. Vary the angles of the triangles to make the wreath look fuller (if you like).

  5. When you reach the cut end of the wire, start adding triangles to the shorter side of the wire.

  6. When both sides of the wire circle are full of fabric, it’s time to connect the wires together. You have two choices for this:
    a. Use tape to connect the ends. Duct tape or electrical tape might work best. However, the weight of the wreath may be too much for the tape to handle!
    b. Use pliers to bend a hook into each end of the wire, then connect the hooks. This is the more secure option, but takes a little muscle.

  7. Distribute the fabric pieces to hide the connection, and you’re done!

If your wreath bends out of shape, gently bend it back into the shape you want.

Feel free to decorate the hook part of the hanger – wrap it with ribbon or fabric scraps, add a festive tassel, or use colored tape. Add whatever accents you like to fit your wreath to a theme -- dried flowers, faux fruits, fancy ribbons, or anything else your crafty heart desires!

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