Friday, January 7, 2011

Truck Report 1/7/2011

Happy Crafty New Year, Woolfans!

We hope you had a rockin' New Year's and are enjoying 2011 so far. The first truck of the new year has arrived, bringing us some delightful mill by-products for your crafty adventures.

Here's what the first truck of 2011 delivered:

  • Approximately 200 pounds of fuzzy selvage -- lots of bright colors and blanket weight selvage!
  • Approximately 200 pounds of wooly worms -- a wide range of colors for your creations.
We've got a rug crochet class scheduled for Saturday, January 29th if you'd like to learn a fun and easy project that uses our fuzzy selvage.

For those of you who have been waiting for blanket header, we're expecting a big delivery in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed... and keep an eye on next week's truck report to see if the blanket pieces have arrived!

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