Monday, February 21, 2011

Creative Customers: Nancy's Rimrock Jacket

Nancy came to the Woolen Mill Store all the way from Montana to show off her gorgeous coat! Okay, not JUST to show off her coat, she has family in the Portland area. But we're so glad she came by wearing her awesome Rimrock jacket!

Nancy started with our Awesome Jacket pattern and made some modifications -- the roll collar is cut on the bias, the jacket is fully lined, and the front overlaps to accommodate buttons.

The Awesome Jacket is our best-selling pattern -- for good reason. It's easy enough for beginning sewers and there are so many ways to personalize it! If you'd like to try out the Awesome Jacket, all our sewing and craft patterns are on sale this month.

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nancy said...

Hi, I'm Nancy. To clarify a few details: my collar consists of two layers. The lower layer consists of two pieces cut on the bias and joined in the middle. The lower layer is trimmed one sixteenth of an inch on its outer edges (but not on the neck edge). It's the combination of the bias and the trimming that makes the finished collar roll. About the pattern: considering there are no darts and no side seams, it really does have a nice fit. I recommend it. Ciao, and Happy Sewing, Nancy