Friday, April 22, 2011

Truck Report 4/22/2011

Happy Earth Day, Woolfans!

We're all about recycling around here... turning scraps from our Pacific Northwest mills into all sorts of creative projects. Wool is pretty "green" to begin with -- after all, it's a very renewable resource! Our Eco-Wise wool line goes a step further, making the manufacturing process even gentler on the Earth. Read all about it on the Pendleton website.

The Pendleton truck brought us some lovely creative inspiration this week:

  • 350 pounds of fuzzy selvage ($3 per pound)

  • 150 pounds of blanket header ($3 per pound)

  • 150 pounds of wooly worms ($0.50 per pound)

And we've got some larger blanket remnants available in our $5 per pound bins, too!

The truck also brought us some exciting new colors of Colorplay carded wool -- new shades of brown, green, and blue to add to our color palette.

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