Monday, May 2, 2011

FAQ: Does This Color Look Good on Me?

We do sometimes get asked to play fashion consultant at the Woolen Mill Store: does this color look good on me?

Three things help determine what colors look good on you: your skin color, your hair color, and your eye color.

Skin tones are often divided into "seasons", but can also be broken down into warm or cool tones. If you have yellow, peach, or red undertones to your skin, you have warm skin. If you have blue, pink, or purple undertones to your skin, you have cool skin.

Once you know if you're warm or cool, you can consider your eye and hair color. The colors you choose to wear can brighten up or tone down your natural coloring. Here's a great article on how to figure out what colors look good on you from New Mexico State University. It's got a few things to try to determine your skin tone, and some suggestions for complimentary color combinations. This eHow article breaks down skin types by seasons, with examples of hair and eye color combinations.

Tips for choosing colors that compliment your eyes, skin, and hair:
  • Bring a friend with a good eye along. If you have trouble judging colors alone, a second pair of eyes can definitely help!
  • Look at colors -- skin and fabric -- under different types of lighting. You may have an easier time detecting undertones under natural light (try standing near a window) or under a daylight spectrum light bulb.
  • Talk to a makeup consultant. The colors they suggest might work well in your wardrobe, too.
  • You don't have to ban any color you like from your wardrobe. Even if you're in love with a color that doesn't look good next to your skin, you can always use it as an accent!

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