Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrating All Things Susan!

We had a fantastic time with crafty momma Susan Beal on Saturday! Here are a few pics, in case you missed the fun.
Talking crafts and enjoying snacks -- a perfect combination on a Saturday afternoon!Just a few of Susan's pieces from Modern Log Cabin Quilting, World of Geekcraft, and more. You might recognize a few Pendleton fabrics in the awesome quilt hanging off the end of the table! A keen eye might also notice some fuzzy Tribbles, a plaid patchwork quilt, and a basket full of crafty kit giveaways.


dragonfly777_68 said...

I really enjoyed meeting Susan on Saturday. She's great and her stuff is so much fun. I'm gonna give the sewing kit a try, it was adorable in it's cute little case.

Woolen Mill Store said...

Thanks for the kind words, dragonfly! We really enjoyed having Susan here, and look forward to her next class offering in the fall. The September/October class schedule should be available soon.