Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Dozen Things to do with a Sham

When is a pillow sham not a pillow sham? When you get crazy creative!

  1. Make a pet bed. Fill a Sham-A-Rama sham with old linens, an old pillow, or wool scraps like our woolly worms. Wool is a natural flea repellent, so it's a great choice for pet bedding.

  2. Stuff a sleepover bag. Add a zipper to the opening of the sham, stuff your jammies and pillow inside, and you're ready to go!

  3. Rip and reuse. Make slippers, purses, a jacket for a wee one...

  4. Big bad beach bag. Sew the side seam closed and open a top seam. Add a handle and you've got a quick and roomy travel bag.

  5. Coordinate your bedding and curtains. A few extra shams can be turned into curtains or a valance that will match the pillows on your bed.

  6. Split and run(ner). Divide the sham into two pieces of fabric and use it as a runner on end tables or nightstands.

  7. Breakfast in bed in style. Cover an old cafeteria tray with a sham for a classy breakfast in bed.

  8. Double warm crazy sham quilt. Fill several shams with batting and stitch the top. Piece multiple shams together until you've got a size you're happy with.

  9. Kiss the cooks. Divide the sham into two pieces of fabric. Add wool felt binding for apron ties and get cooking in your matching aprons!

  10. Stylish storage. Store sheet sets and towel sets together inside a sham. The matching pieces will stay together, your closet will stay tidy.

  11. The great frame-up. Use the sham (or a piece of the sham) as a mat underneath your favorite pictures... or as the artwork itself.

  12. Never run out of seating. Stuff shams and toss them around the living room for movie night. Your couch might get lonely...

Have other ideas for what to do with a pillow sham? Let's see them!

Sham-A-Rama is going on now at the Woolen Mill Store. Select standard, king size, Euro shams, toss pillows, and neckrolls for just $12.99 each while supplies last.

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