Friday, October 21, 2011

Truck Report 10/21/2011

Happy Friday, Woolfans!

The Pendleton truck stopped by late in the day Thursday and delivered a bounty of wonderful mill by-products!  If you're planning to have a handmade holiday season, now would be the perfect time to stock up on supplies.

  • 500 pounds of fuzzy selvage -- still on sale for 30% off the regular price!
  • 200 pounds of blanket header
  • 200 pounds of wooly worms

That's craft-tastic!  What kind of projects will you be working on this weekend?


Kim said...

Is it possible to order just the cream color flannel weight selvage? I have other colors I purchased from you and I would like to mix.

Thank you,


Woolen Mill Store said...

Hi Kim!

Unfortunately, we don't generally get solid cream or white selvage in any weight. Other light colors (like light grey) are a possibility, depending on what the mills are working on.