Monday, January 31, 2011

Creative Customers: Susie's Owl Art

Creative customer Susie made this adorable piece of owl art using scraps from our bins... we think it's beaHOOTiful!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Truck Report 1/28/2011

Good morning, Woolfans! Hope you had a lovely week and are looking forward to a crafty weekend, because it's Truck Report time!

The Pendleton truck delivered 250 pounds of fuzzy selvage and another big, squiggly mess of worms for your crafting pleasure.

And for projects that need yardage, rather than scraps: our Eco-Wise wool fabric is on sale this month only -- 40% off the regular price. Wool is pretty dang sustainable to begin with, but Eco-Wise is even gentler on Mama Earth. The Woolen Mill Store has 21 different colors to choose from at a price that can't be beat!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wrap Up in a Pendleton Prototype

Our mascot -- Sir Wooliam the sheep -- welcomes visitors to the store and stands watch over our historic wagon full of prototype blankets.

Right now, we've got a HUGE selection of robe size (64x80) and queen size (90x90) prototype blankets. These are first quality, fully finished blankets that were made as testers for new designs. Sometimes, the blanket that made it into the retail line is very similar; sometimes, the final version is very different from the prototype! Prototypes are often made in very limited quantities, making them a unique addition to your blanket collection.

Not sure what a prototype is? We've got the answer!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Truck Report 1/21/2011

Good morning, Woolfans! We've made it through another week and the big Pendleton truck showed up right on schedule Thursday evening.

This week, we got a squiggly, squirmy, fluffy mass of wooly worms! They're fun for weaving, knitting, crochet, and lots of other crafts.

We've still got plenty of selvage left from last week's delivery, too.

Don't forget -- all ColorPlay carded wool and ColorPlay yarn is 25% off for the month of January, so stock up soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thanks, Crafty Friends!

BIG thanks to everyone who stopped by for Craft Night last night! We had a great time talking technique and projects and even got to try out some wet felting and needle felting.

Our next Craft Night will be on Wednesday, February 16th -- mark your calendar. Bring your current work-in-progress and enjoy some crafty community while you work!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Wool is Awesome #7: Cleanliness

Wool is a very clean fabric. It tends to shed dirt -- thanks in part to the tiny overlapping scales on the outside of the fiber. (We've talked about the cuticle before, in case you've forgotten!) Dirt and dust can easily be brushed away.

Spills also tend to lift out easily because they sit on the surface of the fiber, rather than soaking in quickly.

Here's a trick for keeping your wool fabric, garments, and bedding fresh: use the dryer. Toss your wool into the dryer on a no-heat or very low heat setting with a dryer sheet and tumble for a little while (a half hour is usually plenty). Dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris will tumble right off, leaving your woolies clean and fresh without a trip to the dry cleaner!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Creative Customers: Morgan's Monkey

Have you seen our adorable WoolPets needle felting kits?

Creative customer Morgan has! She made this cutie little sock monkey and sent him scurrying up a convenient Bonsai tree for a photo shoot.

WoolPets needle felting kits include just about everything you need -- wool roving, needles, detailed photo instructions, and accessories -- to bring a variety of creatures to life. The Woolen Mill Store carries kits for beginners, intermediate, and advanced needle felters.

We also offer needle felting classes -- check out our class list online or visit the store for a printout.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Truck Report 1/14/2011

Good morning, Woolfans! If you've been waiting for blanket header pieces to arrive, your wait is over!

The Pendleton truck showed up late Thursday afternoon and brought us a little bit of everything: 350 pounds of blanket header pieces, 500 pounds of fuzzy selvage, and over 100 pounds of wooly worms for your crafting pleasure.

Have a lovely weekend... be sure to save a project to work on at Craft Night at the Woolen Mill Store on Wednesday, January 19th!

Craft Night Returns!

Do you like to craft with a community? We do, too!

The Woolen Mill Store's monthly craft night returns Wednesday, January 19th. Bring your current work-in-progress and get your chat on with other creative folks. If you're stumped or stuck on a current project, this is a great chance to get advice and ideas. If you're hoping to de-stash and de-clutter in 2011, bring some supplies to share out. And if you just want company while you craft? We look forward to seeing you!

Craft Night -- FREE
Wednesday, January 19th

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Specials at the Woolen Mill Store

We're starting 2011 off with some crafty deals at the Woolen Mill Store.

All month long, Pendleton ColorPlay carded wool and yarn (single ply and two-ply) is 25% off the regular price!

For the entire month of January, all Eco-Wise wool yardage is 40% off the regular price. We now carry 21 different colors of Eco-Wise wool -- visit the store to see them in person or call (503) 535-5786 to request swatches.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Never Shop for a Kids' Coat Again!

Wrap your little one in the loving warmth of a hand-made coat! Join us for the NEW Toddler Jacket class at the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store on Saturday, January 15th.

Blanket weight or lightweight, this pattern adapts easily to different fabrics and styles. Customize your coat to match your child's tastes! Once you have the pattern down, you'll never shop for a kid's coat again.

This class costs $80 and includes pattern, fabric, and lots of attention from teacher!

New for 2011
Toddler Jacket Class
Saturday, January 15th

Check out our complete class list by clicking the Classes tab at the top of the page or visit the store for a printed schedule.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Truck Report 1/7/2011

Happy Crafty New Year, Woolfans!

We hope you had a rockin' New Year's and are enjoying 2011 so far. The first truck of the new year has arrived, bringing us some delightful mill by-products for your crafty adventures.

Here's what the first truck of 2011 delivered:

  • Approximately 200 pounds of fuzzy selvage -- lots of bright colors and blanket weight selvage!
  • Approximately 200 pounds of wooly worms -- a wide range of colors for your creations.
We've got a rug crochet class scheduled for Saturday, January 29th if you'd like to learn a fun and easy project that uses our fuzzy selvage.

For those of you who have been waiting for blanket header, we're expecting a big delivery in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed... and keep an eye on next week's truck report to see if the blanket pieces have arrived!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Creative Customers: Athena's Glacier Park Capote

A capote -- for those of you who aren't familiar with the word -- is a long overcoat or cloak with a hood. (Definition courtesy of Princeton University's WordNet.) The style was traditionally popular with Native Americans and European traders, and is still around to this day!

Our creative customer Athena brought in this gorgeous capote to show us. Pay attention to the awesome little details, like the embroidery on the pocket and the fringe at the shoulders -- rather than use blanket fabric for the fringe, she used fringed blanket remnants from the Woolen Mill Store's header bins! The pockets are reinforced, so they won't sag with use. All in all, a truly beautiful capote!

Athena used remnants of Pendleton's iconic Glacier Park blanket to create this breathtaking capote. Yes, we do sometimes get large remnants of National Park and other popular blankets in our blanket header bins and on our discount fabric tables! But remember -- our selection of remnants depends entirely on what they're making at the mill. We have no control over what we're getting and have no idea what we'll be getting in our weekly delivery of mill by-products.

Traditionally, a capote was made using a wool blanket. But if you can't bear the thought of cutting apart a wool blanket (it does make us cringe a little!), the Woolen Mill Store has plenty of blanket-weight jacquard fabrics for you to choose from! We also have patterns for capotes and other coats, a rainbow of Gutermann thread, and other supplies to get you sewing.