Monday, January 16, 2012

Use Up Your Scraps!

It's confession time:  do you save scraps from your projects for Someday?

Ah, Someday... the mythical land where we follow up on all our project ideas, where no craft goes unfinished, and where the days are three times longer (with perfect lighting) so we can get more done.

These pictures might help inspire you to make a little visit to the craft-tastical land of Someday... today.

Here are a few more scrap-busting ideas from the Woolen Mill Store staff:
  • Use smaller pieces to make flowers.  Little flowers make great accessories -- pins, hair clips, on a bangle bracelet, and more.  A bouquet of fabric flowers makes a lovely gift!
  • Pieces that are too small to craft with make a great free stuffing for other projects!
  • A single piece of a fabric you love can be turned into a patch to add some excitement to pants, a jacket, or a bag.
  • Whip up some doll clothes and accessories.
  • Create mini-sized stuffed animals, like the grey seal above.
  • Roll strips of scrap fabric around a coffee stirrer straw and glue or stitch into place.  Snip the straw and you've got a homemade fabric bead.  Seal with Mod Podge for a finished look.
  • A rectangular scrap can be folded in half and stitched to make a case for your phone, mp3 player, or sunglasses.

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