Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Creative Customers: Against the Grain Furniture

We love seeing what our customers create -- large or small, we love them all!

This amazing table and chairs were handcrafted by creative customer Malachi, the force behind Against the Grain Furniture here in Portland, Oregon.

This is what Malachi had to say about the project:
The table features an industrial base from a turn-of-the-century woolen mill. I thought it would be perfect to complement the set with upholstered fabric by Pendleton. I was shopping at the Woolen Mill Store and fell in love with the Pecos design. I am from the Southwest so the Santa Fe designs really resonate with my style and personality... The salvaged wood for the dining set came from an old church that burned down a couple years back. It was once the Fourth Presbyterian Church located in Lair Hill in Southwest Portland. The chair backs are repurposed vintage floor vents. The reclaimed wood is old-growth Douglas Fir. This unique table and seating is very one-of-a-kind.

Against the Grain creates new furniture from reclaimed wood. Here's a little more info from the artist himself:
My small business creates custom furniture for the needs of the customers space. For this special project I was able to focus on a personal piece that would represent my craftsmanship and direction. I was hoping to create a cohesive collection that would showcase my work and bridge the gap between art and craft. I've always loved Pendleton wool fabric and have been inspired by the Portland collection.

I plan on doing more chairs and benches using Pendleton fabric in the future. I'm very proud of the outcome of the work and I'm happy to share it!


Anonymous said...

Super Cool! I want to see more from Malachi and "Against The Grain"!? Where do I find more?

Woolen Mill Store said...

There is a link to his website in the post, beneath the first picture.


You can see lots of great pics and learn more about the company there!