Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 AICF Blanket: Tatanka Huhanska

This is the latest addition to the American Indian College Fund blanket collection: Tatanka Huhanska.

The buffalo symbolizes wisdom and hope, strength and leadership. A portion of the proceeds from this blanket will be donated to the American Indian College Fund to help support tribal colleges and scholarship opportunities for Native American students.

You can purchase Tatanka Huhanska at the Woolen Mill Store or another Pendleton Home store, or online at www.pendleton-usa.com.

More information about the American Indian College Fund from the Pendleton website:

The American Indian College Fund is a Native American-operated organization dedicated to education. More than 30 tribal colleges serve American Indian students from every geographic region in the United States. They are beacons of hope for social and economic change in the communities they serve. The fund provides educational opportunities for students and disburses 6,000 scholarships annually. For a century, Pendleton Woolen Mills has maintained a mutual respect for our original customers, Native Americans. That is one of many reasons we support this philanthropic partnership. When you purchase an American Indian College Fund Blanket, a portion of the proceeds goes to help tribal colleges. To learn more about the fund, call 1-800-776-3863 or visit www.collegefund.org.

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