Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet Anna of AK Vintage

The Woolen Mill Store is pleased to add the breathtaking jewelery of Portland's own AK Vintage to our in-store offerings! Artist and jewelery designer Anna Korte kindly subjected herself to a few of our favorite crafty questions.

WMS: We'll start with the physical. What is your workspace like?

AK: Big and bright! The studio faces south with a great view of Portland, it's really nice. My last studio had no windows (!) so this has been a major upgrade. As of about 6 months ago, the AK studio has been located down in Industrial Southeast, very close to the waterfront.

WMS: Tell us one craft supply you couldn't live without.

AK: Jumprings!

WMS: If you won the lottery, what craft supply item would you splurge on?

AK: High quality authentic vintage findings and chain.

WMS: And on to the creative stuff! What inspires you?

AK: So many things. Maybe most of all, the SUN!

WMS: Tell us someone whose work you admire.

AK: Anyone who has found a way to do work that they really love and are inspired to do.

WMS: What do you do when you're feeling stalled on a project?

AK: Switch gears and work on something else for a while. Give it some breathing room.

WMS: What do you do to procrastinate?

AK: Take a lot of photos with my iPhone and then get lost editing them with all the amazing photo apps available -- a great distraction!

WMS: Last but not least, what is your favorite homemade gift to give?

AK: It's so satisfying for me to give potted plants as gifts... from a small pot of cacti to a big leafy something suspended in a macrame holder -- love cruising Goodwill and thrifting for containers and such! 
Many thanks to Anna Korte for her time and generosity in sharing her creative world with us.

Find AK Vintage online: official website, blog, and Facebook.

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Lyn said...

Lovely jewelry. I love up cycled jewelry with character. Have a daughter who like to make steampunk jewelry. Fun stuff!