Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Pendleton Stories

We received so many wonderful comments on our 500th blog post, and wanted to share a few of our favorite Pendleton stories.

Irene said...
I fell in love with your wool back in the early 70s while working after school at a fabric shop. The plaids and solids made beautiful and warm slacks, skirts, and jackets for school.

Pam M. said...
It's great when people who should be writing about things they love... do it! I have loved reading through your posts -- thinking about Grandpa's shirts -- he always wore Pendleton! My camp blanket, red background and a native theme -- it was my favorite blanket and place to be when I was a kid!!!! So much fun!

Look for more Pendleton stories to be reposted on Thursday mornings for the next few weeks.

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