Friday, May 17, 2013

Truck Report 5/17/2013

Good morning, WoolFans!

Before we get into the truck action, we want to say thank you. A huge, loud, joyous THANK YOU!!! (with extra exclamation points) to everyone who participated in our 500th blog post celebration. The outpouring of love, support, and encouragement really means a lot to us. We'll be sharing some of our favorite comments over the coming weeks on the WMS blog.

The giveaway winners will be announced on Monday, May 20th. Thanks for your patience!

And now, the truckage: the Pendleton truck delivered 200 pounds of fuzzy selvage and 75 pounds of wooly worms.


Lyn said...

So excited for Monday!!!
Got my box and it's wonderful!!! Going to spend the weekend sewing up the beautiful wools.
Thought there would be labels in the box, but they were forgotten. Any way I can get some mailed up to me?

Woolen Mill Store said...

We can definitely mail you some labels, Lyn! Send an email to woolenmillstore (at) penwool (dot) com with your name/mailing address and we'll get them on the way for you.