Thursday, May 23, 2013

Your Pendleton Stories

We want to share some of our favorite comments from our 500th blog post celebration. Our friends and family shared such lovely stories that we just can't keep them to ourselves!

Jean D. said...
Thank you for your amazing fabric! It has played a part in my family's lives for generations. My grandmother used your wool to make her own wool suits. My grandfather and father both wore Pendleton flannel shirts and my cousin was buried with the one she received when she was an Indian princess at a pow-wow. Please never stop making your beautiful fabric! I am so proud to say you are from Oregon where I live!! And I love being able to shop at your store whenever I get a chance!
Anonymous said...

I'm smitten with Pendleton ever since I laid eyes on a Native-inspired Pendleton blanket as a child. When my humble Native American parents presented me with a Pink Serape Pendleton after being the first in our family of thirteen to graduate college, that Pendleton was worth more to me than all the gold and silver in the world and it still looks great to this very day.

Look for more of our favorite comments to be reposted each Thursday for the next few weeks. Thank you for being a part of our Pendleton family.

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