Thursday, June 20, 2013

Even More Pendleton Stories

Thursday morning means sharing your Pendleton stories! We truly appreciate the outpouring of love for Pendleton and the Woolen Mill Store on our 500th blog post.

Glyn said...
My mother took me to the outlet at Washougal 50-ish years ago and I still love to shop for Pendleton fabrics. When I'm in the area I always try to stop in, either in Washougal or in Portland. I also manage to pick up something at Sew Expo in Puyallup. My stash probably doesn't need more but I would love to add to it.

Jordan Elizabeth said...
I love Pendleton wool! I was introduced to it through the Make It With Wool competition -- thanks for being a supporter of MIWW!!

Melissa A. said...
For my high school graduation from Valley Catholic, Nike and Pendleton gifted us graduates each a wool blanket with the Nike logo. I love that blanket. I love your wool products. Yay, wool! THANK YOU!

We'll be back next Thursday with more of your Pendleton stories.

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