Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pendleton Love From Across the Country

With more than 200 comments on our 500th blog post, it was hard to narrow down our favorites. We truly love hearing your Pendleton stories.

There was one trend we noticed, and that was love from all over the USA:

Suzanna said...
As a Seattleite living out in New York, I look to the Woolen Mill Store and blog for all my Pendleton needs - I love crafting with Pendleton and bringing a little Northwestern spirit to my home in Brooklyn!

Gail M. said...
I'm a Wisconsin girl who recently visited my son and his family in Portland, and our outing was to the Pendleton store. What an experience! I'm just finishing up my wool jacket!

Downright Red said...
Just taking a break from whipping up my Pendleton Eco-Wise wool skirt for a fancy luncheon here in San Francisco. I LOVE Pendleton!!

Stephanie H. said...
I found you on eBay, and made my Dad drive out of the way while driving to Cali, and your store was so great. I'm gonna make him do it again next month. Thank you! Wish I lived closer.

From sea to shining sea, lots of people are feeling the Pendleton love. Look for more of our favorite comments from our 500th blog post on Thursday mornings.

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