Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013 Heritage Blanket: Canyon Diablo

The 2013 Heritage Collection blanket is Canyon Diablo.

Fifty thousand years ago, the Canyon Diablo meteorite left its mark on the Arizona landscape, leaving behind a crater that you can visit and tour to this day. Pre-historic Native Americans later discovered meteor fragments along the rim of the crater and used them for tools, trade, and more.

Heritage Collection Blankets are pieces of Pendleton history, made new again. Each blanket in the Heritage Collection comes from our archives -- dating back as far as 1896 -- and illustrates the intricate geometric motifs and weaving expertise that has been a Pendleton hallmark for over a century.

Learn more about the Canyon Diablo blanket. The Heritage Collection is currently available at the Woolen Mill Store and other Pendleton retail stores across the USA.

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