Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sharing the WMS Blog Love

We're here a day early with your Pendleton stories, seeing how tomorrow is Independence Day!

Not surprisingly, there were lots of comments about the Woolen Mill Store blog itself on our 500th blog post celebration. Each and every word of thanks and encouragement to hit the next milestone means a lot to us, and encourages us to keep on bloggin.

Kira said...
I love your store and check the blog every week for the truck report!

Annie & David said...
So glad I found your store and so glad I discovered your blog shortly thereafter. Can't get enough Pendleton in my life!

Rhonda in Bend said...
I love to read your blog and so excited for the day I finally make it to your store in Portland. I have been a faithful eBay shopper, though! Keep up the great work of spreading the news of using natural fibers!! A lifelong Pendleton user! Have blankets my gramma made using your fibers... many years ago!

We'll be back on schedule next Thursday morning with more of your Pendleton stories from our 500th blog post!

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