Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FAQ: What is the Difference Between Fabric on the Roll and on the Tables?

If there's one thing the Woolen Mill Store is known for, it's fabric. We are the number one source for first quality Pendleton wool fabric!

We have space for more than 300 rolls of fabric to hang. We also have tables with pre-cut pieces of fabric. And one of our most frequently asked questions is:

What's the difference between the fabric on the roll
and the cut pieces on the table?

The answer is that there is no real difference between the fabric on the roll and the pre-cut pieces on the table. If you find the same fabric on the table and on the roll, it is the exact same fabric.

There are some advantages to choosing a piece from the table:

  • The fabric is sized anywhere from a quarter yard up to three yards. We do our best to cut a variety of sizes.
  • There is usually a discount offered on pre-cut yardage on the tables. If you find a fabric you love on the table, you could save 25% or more off the regular price per yard.

There are some advantages to choosing fabric from the roll:

  • You can pick exactly how much fabric you want. The minimum cut is 9" (a quarter yard).
  • Not every fabric in the store ends up on the tables. You have a much bigger selection choosing from the fabric rolls.

The Woolen Mill Store staff is always happy to help you make the best choices for your fabric needs.

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