Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Creative Customers: Anna's Scrap Bags

Creative customer Anna went through our scrap bins to find the fabric pieces used in these adorable bags. Each one is unique -- it's hard to pick a favorite! (Though your friendly neighborhood blogger is partial to the blue striped one in the lower left hand corner.)

Just about every week of the year, we get a delivery of scraps from our two Pacific Northwest mills. They're divided up by size, from wooly worms (1" wide and less) to blanket header (4" wide and more). We don't get every type of scrap every week, so it helps to check the weekly Truck Report, posted Friday mornings. We'll let you know what kind of scraps showed up, so you can call or visit if there's something you'd like.


Sharon Allen said...

What exactly will you be bringing to the Expo? I may drive down from Bellingham for the day in order to get more of your product. I am especially interested in selvedge ends that I make into rugs.

Woolen Mill Store said...

Hi Sharon!

We bring a little bit of everything: fabric, carded wool, notions like buttons and zippers, and yes, the fuzzy selvage that folks love so much for rug making! We usually bring around 300 pounds of selvage... but can sell out pretty quickly (it's usually gone by Sunday.)

Hope to see you at Sew Expo!