Thursday, June 4, 2015

FAQ: Pendleton Wool and Upholstery

This frequently asked question is becoming more and more popular:

Can you use Pendleton wool for upholstery?

The Woolen Mill Store has several different weights of Pendleton wool fabric, and several of them are absolutely fantastic for upholstery!

A creative customer recovered this chair
using Walking Rock blanket weight jacquard fabric.

Perhaps the most popular choice for upholstery is our blanket weight jacquard fabric. This durable fabric is available in a number of patterns and colors to match any decor. If you're interested in a solid fabric, either our Eco-Wise flannel or Melton (both 100% wool) is up to the task.

Learn more about custom upholstery options available through the Woolen Mill Store. If you have a piece of furniture you would like someone to reupholster, this is a great option.

Check out some furniture available from the Pendleton website. For options including blanket weight jacquard fabric, look for the Logan Chair or Daltry Chair, the Francine Ottoman, or the jacquard and leather Chair and Ottoman combo. Don't miss the Eco-Wise furniture offerings, including the Blair Chair, Loveseat, and Ottoman.


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