Monday, October 12, 2015

FAQ: How Much Fabric Does it Take to Make a Blanket?

Because we have such an amazing selection of Pendleton fabric -- particularly the blanket weight jacquard fabric -- we are often asked:

How much fabric does it take to make a blanket?

The answer varies, depending on what size blanket you want to make.

For starters, here are the standard blanket sizes for Pendleton jacquard blankets:

  • Muchacho (crib size): 32" wide and 44" long
  • Robe (closest to twin size): 64" wide and 80" long
  • Queen: 90" by 90"
  • King: 108" wide by 90" long

That's not to say you have to use our sizes for your blanket, but they're useful as a reference.

AICF Water Blanket
64" x 80"
 If you're looking to make a throw size -- something to put over your lap, something that doesn't necessarily have to cover a bed -- a yard and a half (54") is a good starting size. If the blanket is for someone who is particularly tall, a yard and a half might be too short. Keep your blanket recipient in mind when gauging size.

Most of our fabric rolls are 64" wide, which means you can make a robe/twin size blanket without adding any extra fabric. Just take the length you want and bind the edges and your blanket is ready to go!

For larger sizes, you have to start thinking about putting panels of fabric together, and cutting pieces to the size you want. It can get complicated pretty quickly!

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