Monday, July 31, 2017

Last Day of July Sale, plus a sneak peek of the August Sale!


One last day to save on discounted FABRIC AND NOTIONS!

Special deals on our 100% wool pre-cut table pieces 1.5-3 yards:
$3.00 yard jacquard mosaic.
$9.00 yard worsted, variety of plaids and solids.
$10.00 yard twill jacket weight in bronze and navy.
$15.00 yard flannel woolens variety of plaids and solids
  • 40% off all Apparel weight wool fabric roll yardage
  • 30% off all Mill waste: header, selvage, wool worms, and scrap strips!
  • End rolls assorted content and amounts starting at $5.00 per roll while supplies last!
Coming up next month:

Prepare for your home for Fall, shop and save 25% on home décor accessories and select Pendleton Home product! As the daylight starts to wane, brighten your home with candles 30% off. 

Sale runs Tuesday August 1st- Thursday August 25th.

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Sean said...

I was just asked to be the Utah Make It With Wool Director. Help me please! I'm new and don't know what i'm doing. I need to buy fabric and get started. I don't know how to see what fabric is available. I will need about 15 pieces or 20 pieces some 1.5 yard and some 2 yard or more pieces. What I have gotten from the past is alot of plaid so I would like to get some solids if possible and bright colors, I did see an aqua green piece, don't know if it is available but would like to get some. Also, yellow, red, navy, maroon, grey, black, royal, cream etc. Please I would love all the info I can get so we can get started here in Utah. My phone number is 801-310-4462 cell 801-423-1971 home. Karen Weight is my name I look forward to any help you can give me.
Thank you so very much