Apparel Fabrics

This is only a selection of lightweight apparel fabrics we carry, visit our store to see the full selection or call us at the store to request Swatches. Please note that the colors in the pictures are not accurate 


Seasonless Wool Fabrics!

*PWM in line apparel sewn with Season less wool fabric*

Choose from three timeless colors: Black, Navy, and Ivory.

$40 per yard at 60 inches wide.

Woven in our own American mills of 100% pure virgin wool, this timeless fabric always looks and feels right. The worsted yarns are made from long, tightly twisted fibers for smooth, lightweight softness.It is a year-round fabric with a gorgeous drape.

Woolen Fabrics
8-12 oz. per yard

Lightweight Yardage Blue/green
Item #29963

Blue/Green Stripe
Item #052814
Tan Stripe
Item #52860

PWM Blue Plaid
Item #146947

Lightweight Yardage, Blue/Grey
Item #30028
2.75 inch repeat
Brown Blue Ombre
Item #148321
Limited quantities available

Grey Window Pane
Item #126140
Red Plaid
Item #148338
Out of stock

Item #148339

Umatilla Ross Hunting
Item #30049
5.25 inch repeat

Lightweight Yardage, Copper/Grey
Item #30026
Lightweight Yardage Oxford Grey
Item #30014

LW Yardage Peat
Item #77888
Item #148340

Greige Natural
Item #76782

Green/grey Plaid
Item #146926

Tattersal Plaid
Item #43547

Ranger Plaid
Item #163099

Camel Mix Plaid
Item #163878
5.75 inch repeat

Grey Flannel
Item #149027

Pine Cone Windowpane
Item #126150
3 inch repeat

Lightweight Yardage, Peacock
Item #30019
4.25 inch repeat

Lightweight Yardage, Grey/Ivory
Item #30021
3.75 inch repeat

Worsted Fabrics
8-12 oz. per yard

Black/Red Novelty
Item #52813
Red Chambray
Item #52816

Bronze/blue Ombre
Item #52862
Navy/tan Plaid
Item #52845
$40/ yard

Blue Chambray
Item #52815

MacDonald Tartan
Item #146946


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Ramona said...

What a pity there aren't more apparel fabrics online for those of us who live across the country.

Curious said...

Looking for a Macdonald Clan wool fabric. Are any of the "plaids" named by the clan?

Kate Ellis said...

I am looking for a Cooper Plaid, in dark blues. Do you carry it or can you get it?