Mill ends

The Woolen Mill Store offers a variety of high quality mill by-products from our two Pacific Northwest woolen mills.  Waste products are sold AS-IS and are not returnable for refund or exchange.

Wooly Worms
$1.00 per pound
Wooly worms are the selvage edges of finished blankets.  They are generally in the 5-6 foot range in length and are most often between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inches wide.

Premium Strips
$2.50 per pound
Premium strips are selvage pieces from finished blankets and throws, often the ones made from merino wool. They are often wider than wooly worms but not as wide as blanket header - generally between 1 and 2 inches wide.

Scrap Fabric Strips
$0.85 per pound
Scrap strips are a variety of pieces in many sizes, from small scraps to larger selvage pieces from finished blankets and throws and other mill by-products. There are a variety of fabric types, and they are not always wool.

Blanket Header
$5.00 per pound
Blanket header pieces may be napped or unnapped. Size can vary greatly but are most often 6-12 inches wide and between 5-6 feet long.
Order size is limited to ten pounds per order.

$3.00 per pound
Selvages are produced during the weaving process, and are available in three different weights.  Blanket weight selvage is the heaviest, thickest type of selvage.  Worsted weight selvage is the finest, lightest type of selvage.  Flannel weight selvage falls between the two.

You can purchase mill by-products by visiting the Woolen Mill Store at 8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd. in Portland, OR or calling (503) 535-5786.  Phone orders are limited to ten pounds of scrap for blanket header and thirty pounds of scrap for wooly worms, selvage, and scrap strips per order.  Scrap products are sold AS IS and are not returnable for refund or exchange.

Keep your eyes on the Woolen Mill Store blog for the weekly Truck Report -- every Thursday night, we get a truck from the mill with a delivery of scraps.  On Friday morning, we'll let you know what the truck brought.  Our supply of by-products depends entirely on what the mill has been working on.  Color, quantity, and type of scrap is entirely out of our control.

While we are happy to make note of color requests when you place an order, we are unable to handpick for colors or patterns or guarantee the presence of any color or pattern.  We will do our best to provide you with a variety of colors in wooly worms, scrap strips, and/or blanket header, and one light color and one dark color when ordering selvage.