Solid Wool Fabrics

We carry two different types of solid colored 100% wool fabric, Melton and Eco-Wise. 

Melton is a woven wool fabric that uses very thick fibers. The fabric is durable, water resistant, and wind resistant, making melton wool very popular for use in outerwear. The fabric is 54-56 inches wide. We carry around a dozen different colors of melton fabric for you to choose from.

Eco-Wise is a woven wool fabric that has been Cradle to Cradle Certified by MBDC. Visit for more information.  Eco-Wise has a smooth texture, is slightly lighter than melton and has more drape. The width is 54-56 inches. 

Please call the store at (503) 535-5786 to place an order or request swatches.


Eco-Wise Fabric

Surplus Eco-Wise solid fabrics
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